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5 ways to make customers fall in love with your brand

Everyone has a favourite brand, whether it's a shoe brand or a computer brand, that refrigerator you've been using for aeons, or the store you buy snacks from. They all have one thing in common, they're your preferred seller, your favourite brand for that category of product. What this means is that they're the ones you're most likely to patronise for repeat or complementary purchases. This arrangement is a mutually beneficial one - the business gets a loyal customer, and the customer gets a company they know, love, and trust.

But what does it take to fall in love with your brand? Well, just as in a normal relationship between two people, it means they prefer you to others - in this case - your competition, they refer your brand to their friends and family and help you grow and they're just happy and content with your level of service delivery.

Getting customers to fall in love with your brand is a journey of convincing them that your brand is worth loving and staying loyal to when they have many options open to them.

To help you make your customers love your brand, we've compiled a list of 5 proven ways to achieve this.

1. Ensure excellent customer service always

Transactions often have hitches, and customers know this. The potential problem lies in how these hitches are handled. Customers are more likely to return and develop a fondness for your business when they can shop without fear. When they know that even when problems pop up occasionally, you'll be there to solve them. An excellent customer service treats customers nicely and addresses their issues or concerns swiftly and efficiently.

Many customers, perhaps including you, have abandoned a business because of bad customer service, even if that business makes the best products. Remember, customer service is not just when customers are in your shop; it extends to well after a sale is made. It's every interaction you have with your customers. Putting your best foot forward at every touch point.

Always ask for customer feedback. You need to listen when your customers compliment or complain. By making a conscious and visible effort to address and improve upon the areas they complained about, you will make your customers feel heard and happy. Happy customers equal a profitable business.

2. Know your customers

The truth is, while we might become attached to brands, it's often the people behind those brands that make us come back. While people might love Joe's doughnuts, it's more likely Joe is the real reason they keep coming back. The point here is to become familiar with your customers; they aren't just numbers, they're people.

Ask about them, know as much about them as you can, their names and birthdays. Become friends with them, or at least encourage your employees to interact with them.

People are more likely to return to your business because of you or your employee. Something as simple as "congratulations on your graduation" can set in motion a customer-brand relationship that may last forever.

3. Underpromise and Overdeliver always

All the world's customer service techniques won't help you if you're just not good at your job. Even your friends and family would eventually stop patronising you and turn to your competitors. Always exceed your customers' expectations by default, let them be impressed with your work.

If you're continually beating deadlines and providing more quality to your products and services, customers will be more than likely to use you again. It's that repeat business that grows into love for your brand.

4. Offer special sales and run a Reward program

Gift-giving is often an integral part of any relationship; everyone loves freebies. That doesn't change in business. Gifting to your customers to show appreciation for their continued patronage is a sure way to keep them coming back. Running special deals will surely get people to flock to your business.

People love special sales. Although it might cost you financially, the repeat customers and sales it'll bring you will be more than worth it. There is a reason stores still run black Friday sales and give free samples.

On the other hand, you can reward your loyal customers with gifts or discounts. It could be random, or it could be a set system that rewards customers at set intervals, such as when a money value milestone is reached or when they purchase a certain number of products/services.

Ensure that your customers know about your rewards program; it's often what brings them back to your store the second time. People love continuity, and if your store not only remembers them but rewards them for subsequent purchases, they're sure to love you as well.

5. Enable self-service

As we said earlier, all the customer service in the world won't make up for bad service or products; this reinforces that point.

Depending on the nature of your business, enabling self-service may improve your relationship with your customers. The easier it is to do business with you, the more likely customers are to return. Self-service allows customers to browse your stores and make choices for themselves while retaining the option of calling on a staff member for help if they need it.

This system allows customers to explore and familiarise themselves with your business. The businesses that enable some self-service are more likely to retain customers than companies that do not.

Also, consider running an online self-check-out for your business if you're an online store. It's all about the ease of business, people are placing orders from their homes, and you need to match this somehow. So, enable self-service, or find some other ways to remove the business's obstacles to ensure smooth and fast transactions.

These five ways will tip the scales in your favour and make your customers fall in love with your brand. Remember, the key is customer satisfaction. All the smiles and freebies in the world won't make up for bad service. Also, customers are people, treat them as such and not just another sale or transaction and they'll keep coming back to you and only you.

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