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Introducing Growth Hacks

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

And now we are here.....

Committed to helping small businesses and start ups tell their unique story with their brand and truly connect with their audience, Growth Hacks was birthed out of a passion for marketing and a strong belief in the importance and potency of marketing and the role it plays in every business.

I have always watched in dismay as many SME's with such great product/service offering totally miss the opportunity to form real relationships with their customers as they engage in just transactional one-offs!. Because their focus is erroneously on just making that sale instead of ensuring that the customer walks away with a great experience that makes them not only want to make repeat purchases but also tell their friends and family about their encounter with the brand.

I get so excited at the myriad of avenues that businesses can utilise to entrench themselves firmly in the marketplace and more importantly in the minds of their customers and with Growth Hacks, our commitment is to help businesses unveil and harness these opportunities .. in order words we showing them 'hacks' to help their business growth... pun definitely intended.

Utilising the full marketing mix across B2B and B2C markets, we, Growth Hacks, will be your partners, really working with you, advising you to implement the right strategies bespoke for your business and most importantly, we promise you a lot of fun on this journey.

So... drop us a line to start the conversation and become a growth hacker.

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